Just Nan SAL February 2014

OK, Wow, Well, first off, thank for all of the January comments!! I think I must have turned off notifications, because I didn’t know anyone had commented! Thank you ladies!

So, here is my update on the SAL.

I finished All Aboard!


The pattern I started is called 20 Flowers and somewhat rare (OK, really, really hard to find!) I was chatting with a friend and mentioned it in passing…she said, “Oh, I have that and the companion chart as well.” After I picked my jaw up off of the floor we worked out a DEAL….SO Happy. The pattern itself is beautiful…but above that the instant I first saw it it reminded me of my father. So, I am stitching this as a tribute to him 🙂

IMG_2433Here are a couple of close ups:

IMG_2436IMG_2435Sorry I am so quick today…we are having some “weather” and I need to check the storm drains…again…LOL

If you would like to see all of the stunning pieces involved with the SAL, please look here.

Hugs to all,



Just Nan SAL January 2014

Well look who showed back up…LOL, yes, ME!
I know it’s been a while and I am not really sure why, but I am back!

OK, for 2014 one of my stitching commitments is going to be the Just Nan Stitch A Long…For those who don’t stitch. Just Nan is a designer and the goal is to check in every month with what Just Nan piece we are working on! Thanks for hosting this Zeb, the motivation is working!

For more details on the rules and guidelines for the SAL you can check it out here.

OK, so, I did not actually join the SAL until January 28th, 2014 (The first posting date was/is January 31, 2014…Yikes!). At that time I owned 2 Just Nan patterns and had NO pieces started (or even kitted up and ready to start)…

With that said, I committed to the SAL and quickly kitted up Just Nan’s “All Aboard”…



I made my start and this is how far I got before our check in date of today!


I am really pleased with this piece, easy and fun.

I am not using the “called for” threads or fabric. I am planning to use the called for charms (which I got with the chart) but they are gold, so we shall see what I think when the time comes :-), since I am not usually a fan of bright gold charms. The fabric is a 16 count hand dyed aida called Falling Leaves. I am not sure of the company or dyer it came from.

The threads are almost all HDF (Vikki Clayton’s Hand Dyed Fibers) silks, with the exception of one NPI silk. I really wanted to make some progress for January so there was not going to be any waiting around for supplies to arrive, LOL.


If you want to check out what everyone is stitching for this challenge (there is some really beautiful stuff!) you can, right here.


Talk to you soon!


The wayward pattern…

I was cruising the internet one day looking at various cross stitch patterns….

My husband walked in and watched me go through a few…
I came across Autumn Bliss by Bent Creek (retail site, Bent Creek has a horrible web site) and he said, “That one is cool”
I was stunned. Literally. He appreciates my work but rarely (possibly never before this?) comments on the patterns.
Of course I had to track the pattern down.
It arrived shortly before our trip to Indiana in June. I quickly kitted it up as (one of the 7,. Yes, I am obsessive.) projects that went with us.

When we were on our trip I finished the birthday present (more on that soon) I was working on and started Autumn Bliss…

I did the barn portion first. When I was done I briefly showed it to my husband…he loved how it looked and said, “Are you going to put chickens next to it?”

Well, um, no, I kind of planned to put trees from the pattern there and the pumpkins under it”

Husband, “Oh, I thought it was going to have chickens.” (insert sad 5 year old face)

LOL, well, apparently it was time to find some chickens.

I had another Bent Creek pattern hanging around called The Coop (again, retail site). Looked like it might work…

So here you have my Autumn Bliss Coop. Yeah, original name, I know.

IMG_1393All things considered I think it went well…


To Bead or not to Bead…

I won’t even bother to apologize. I was gone. A long time. LOL. I am back.

So, I love beading. I admire many of the Mill Hill beading kits. The problem is I really (REALLY!) detest Plastic canvas. Most (maybe all?) of the Mill Hill kits call for or come with plastic canvas.

So, one day a light bulb went off…and I thought, “Why not?”

I had an old pre-made 14 count aida bookmark. Why not try to translate the bead pattern onto the aida?

Well, I have to say for a first attempt at a fully beaded project I am pretty pleased with it!

IMG_1392I see more beading projects in my near future!



Yeah, it’s been a while…

I have lots of reasons I won’t bore you with, but they run along the lines of lazy, loss of motivation, a road block and fun stuff like that!

However, I actually learned a lot about myself during this time…So, not necessarily in order, here is what I have been up to.

I finished this little one…


Pattern by Homespun Elegance

Bits & Pieces, “Summer Fun”

I changed a few of the colors, slightly.

I also opted to stick the sheep’s body in x’s.

The pattern calls for a satin stitch, but I had some silk thread I wanted to experiment with.

I have a fabulous start on this one…..



Pattern by Silver Creek Samplers

I definitely did some color changes. I am also using a “brighter” fabric than the pattern calls for.


Look at that face! I just LOVE it! The pattern calls for filling the cloud in. I am not sure if I will or not. Waiting until I have the entire piece on there to decide 🙂

I have these kitted up and ready to start!





And this. This is my lesson. Someone told someone, who told someone that I quilted…and that I had done some custom quilts….

Long story short, the gal wanted a quilt made from her first born’s clothing…




It is certainly not the quilt’s fault, nor the lady who wanted the quilt.

It is square on my shoulders.

The quilt actually came out really well. When you consider I had never done anything like this before, LOL.

However, I did not like making it. This is definitely NOT the kind of quilting I prefer…SO, hopefully the next time someone asks I will remember this and give them a friend’s number, LOL.

I think the bottom line is actually pretty simple…I quilt and stitch because I enjoy creating something for my self or a loved one. I do not enjoy doing what I have been told to do. Story of my life? LOL

There, now that I am a little caught up (LOL) I hope I will be motivated to get back with my SAL and FOF updates. I am considering just call Friday my update day 🙂


2013 Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop

Welcome and thanks for stopping by!!!

This clue would be the letter….


The next stop on the treasure hunt will be:

Just A Little Stitchin’

Have fun!!!


PS!!! Since I am LAME and couldn’t follow the directions, please see March 15th on this blog for six little Easter eggs which will be turned into a quilted wall hanging!!

SoCal Stitchers 2013 SAL, 3/20/2013

For the record, I have changed my SAL “rules” to whatever I am stitching…lol, instead of a large ongoing project. It keeps me stitching and that’s the point 🙂

OK, so on Friday I started this piece and I simply couldn’t stop. I love it!
It was stitched on Prairie Cloth (made by Moda) which seems to be 26 count. I have seen it described like this, ” It’s a wonderful, slightly coarse cloth that looks like linen and runs about half the price. It is 100% cotton and comes in many colors.” I would add that it has a fuller body to the fabric than linen and is softer to work with. I have never stitched on linen or evenweave, so trying this was totally out of my box. SO glad I stepped out! It was a fun stitch, I love the results and I love the fabric!

This piece is  Ye Olde Woolery Shoppe and it designed by Plum Street Samplers



I did change a few things, almost all of the colors used were a change. I left the little bell hanging from the sheep’s neck off  (I just see that and think cow, not sheep, LOL) and I added the “ED” to “establish”.



FOF -3/15/2013

Definitely bending the rules today. Y’all are shocked, right?

These 6 little eggs are pieces from another free pattern that I found (hopefully I will refind it to add a link the next time I show this project).

EDIT: Here is the link

The plan is to do the large design and surround it with these smaller ones on a quilt. So, I am breaking the “finishes” up into segments, because there is NO way I could complete the entire thing in a week!

So, we have the first part, finished!

6 little eggs…


Those of you who know me know that I am easily distracted. Scary easy. So, I was having fun stitching eggs…and thought about this other rather rustic project I really wanted to do…on a fabric I found that is not designed for cross stitch…and soon I found myself starting another project…here is what I have since starting at around 9:00 this morning…I am smitten. I am also deliberately not showing what the finish will look like 🙂 Hopefully I will have it done soon!


Phew, I made it on Friday this week (everyone clapping?).


FOF -3/8/2013

Yipeeee! I finished my Irish Sampler and I am super happy about it!

I learned a few thing attaching the sampler to the quilt in this way. Wash the quilt first. Add the sampler after. The quilt will shrink. The sampler won’t. Just saying. Fortunately no damage was done. I still love it. I just know for next time 🙂

So, here she is (the pictures were taken at night, so they aren’t that great, LOL)…



I just free motion quilted, on my regular sewing machine, very loosely around the shamrocks in the batik fabric I used…


I did use a double layer of batting as I wanted a fairly full look to this!

Thanks for stopping by!


SoCal Stitchers 2013 SAL, 3/7/2013

So, really, for me….This SAL is supposed to keep me motivated and keep me stitching. Right? I am going to post the up date for Halloween Rules and the other piece I am working on 🙂 and then I am putting Rules away for a while. I just don’t feel like stitching it right now. I want to do the other projects I am thinking about while I try to make myself stitch one more row on Rules. I still plan to hold myself “accountable” weekly (mostly, LOL).

Here is where I got to before I put it away:


Now, for what I have been working on (and finished, LOL!)…
I found this pattern for free at http://www.ant-of-sweden.com/9/free_charts/m-ant-129/1


Please note two things…#1- I also saw the pattern at two different site for sale. It is my understanding that the designer (Pelin Tezer) at one time sold the pattern, but has since made it available as a free download.

#2-Pretty important, there is an error in the pattern. A very small one, but it is there!

I can’t begin to tell you how much fun it was to stitch this! I absolutely LOVED it!

My current plan (HA!) is to return tomorrow for FOF with this piece in it’s finished form. I have my fingers crossed!!

Here are a couple of close ups, just because I can 🙂



This was just so fun. I seriously can’t believe how easy the flow was for this piece!